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Challenge Day 9! Add Color into your life!

It’s Day 9! How are you? Did you rise and shine this morning? Are you ready for your challenge today? In case you missed it, all you have to do to join the challenge is decide to do so and tell others about it. You can do that by commenting here, or even announcing that you are joining today’s challenge on your facebook or twitter status updates. We are asking you to announce so you can harness the power of intention, when you declare your intent, something shifts in your spirit and it becomes easier to live up to the declaration.

So today’s challenge is….

Body challenge: Add some color to your life!
Is your diet monochromatic? Varying shades of beige and brown? For example, bread in the morning, rice in the afternoon and pounded yam in the evening. Sure the accompanying sauces have some color, but really, they tend to be varying shades of red or orange, between stew and some palmoil based soup.
Today we want you to switch things up. Switch out some fruit for the bread in the morning, try a vibrant mango or yellow pineapple or some paw paw/papaya, have it with an egg white omelet and really give your breakfast some punch. Instead of rice, try some sweet potatoes and instead of fufu, try some eggplant, or maybe make a vegetable stir fry and serve with your favorite protein. You don’t have to substitute every thing all at once, but try it and you will see that not only will it help in weight maintenance or loss, because most of the white food is bad for you, but foods with rich colors are often chock full of antioxidants and nutrients, plus variety is the spice of life.

Mind challenge: Exercise your brain.

Going to work everyday is not enough to keep your brain as healthy and sharp as possible. Just like our bodies, our brains need challenges to keep it as healthy as possible and unfortunately watching reality tv or soap operas is not enough stimulation. It is believed that by exercising your brain you can create a reserve of synapses to draw from as you age, helping to stave off senility and age related dementia.
So today, pledge to exercise your brain. How do you do that? Try to learn something new as often as possible. Take a language class, or learn a new hobby, like learing how to paint or take photographs, enroll in a class, or even learn to play the piano, its never too late! Do games like crossword puzzles, sudoku or chess. Read as often as you can, but not just books that are in your comfort zone, try reading some serious literature.

Happy trails to you!

Day 8

Day 8! Wow, how time flies…when you are getting well that is. I know many of you have joined the be well challenge and you have told us how it is enriching your lives, however so many of you have said, how you mean to but…you have been busy etc…
Well, my friends…It’s your life, so don’t make your health and wellness a low priority, at the end of the day, it is only people who are well that can be busy!

Your challenge today is

Body Challenge: Make some substitutions.
In sports the coach is always looking to get the right players in the game at the right time in order to maximize his chances of a win. Get the right players in your game to maximize your chance at being as healthy as possible. Substitute whole grain/wheat bread for white bread, substitute oat – fufu for pounded yam, switch in olive oil for your cooking oil, try quinoa instead of rice and the list goes on and on. Choose to be mindful about your diet today and make better substitutions in your diet. Remember, life is all about how you play the game.

Spirit challenge: Get quiet.
Many people went to boarding houses where quiet time was written into the schedule. Spending some time every day reflecting or meditating, is considered a valuable addition to one’s wellness regime. The university of Massachusetts Medical School, performed a study with two groups and they found through brain scans that the group that meditated showed a pronounced shift in activity to the left frontal lobe. This shift reflected the fact that they were calmer and happier than before.
So get quiet, reflect and meditate. It’s worth it to take some by yourself time before you get going.

Take a look at this video and try and figure out how you can make your workouts fun, that way you’ll be more inclined to do it!

Make your closet work for you.

By Rita Adaba

The art of being well put together sharply dressed starts from the ability to understand your body and what you may adorn it with to accentuate the best parts of it whilst playing down what you may deem not so perfect; let’s face it, no one body is perfect but all bodies are masterpieces and are beautiful and can look even more beautiful in clothes if the effort is made to match the body with the right clothes.

You must ensure that what makes up your “arsenal” of clothing and accessories include classic pieces that are forever in and can serve as redeemer for those few times you may desperately need something to wear for that impromptu outing. Minimalist is in the now, in other words, “less is more” is very in and quite frankly, you can never go wrong with that as a rule of thumb in your effort to look like the siren that you almost always want to be at all times.
Fabric and Cut

It is important that you pay attention to fabric and cut for the ultimate impact, ensuing sophistication. Price is not a deciding factor but you may always find that the more you pay, the better the style and cut of the outfit. The beauty of a free market is that you can bargain hunt as long as you know the house that cuts to fit your form. Identifying this can take a lot of time, trial and error but will be well worth it, as you may not need to go through the process for future purchases.

Classic pieces such as a nicely cut blazer or jacket, a nicely cut pair of trousers, a “smoking” blouse or shirt or t-shirt to go with it. The perfect skirt to your taste (long, short, mid-length) and in the right colours to complement your skin tone and perhaps the season, for example, pale colours in the spring or summer may add an element of glamour and freshness to your ensemble.

Making sure you have very good pieces in the classical colours; black, navy blue, red, white, brown, tan and perhaps colours like dark green, yellow and so on will go a long way to set a solid foundation to build on with other fashionable pieces.

Care in picking your accessories particularly shoes, bags and belts are vital to your general appearance. You can never go wrong with a nice pair of leather shoes, bags and belts. Pure leather is never out of fashion, regardless of style. Investing in a few good pieces will serve you better than stocking up on the season’s latest which may in some cases have no real impact on your collection once the fad is done with.
Clear out the Clutter

For a fresh start, get rid of all that you consider clutter in your closet. To qualify an item as clutter, experts suggest that any item of clothing or accessory that has not seen the light of day in 6 months to 1 year must go. Also, that item that you have being hoping to shrink into for the past few months, has to go. The worn jacket, with thread hanging, seams bursting, buttons “AWOL” must be discarded, if you have failed to mend it over a long period of time.

Getting rid of the undesirables or dormant pieces in your closet will reduce clutter and give room for fresh stock, not forgetting the joy of being able to see clearly when you need access to your closet. It may also serve as an opportunity to bless other people that may have use for them by donating them to your local charity or perhaps a friend in need…

Day 7 – Be well challenge: JOIN US NOW!

Day 7 is here and it’s on and popping! Ok, well excuse the hip hop reference! But here at Ewellafrica, we are excited! We are taking our challenge to a new level and loving the possibilities of this new challenged life. So have you been living with these new challenges? Have you been smiling more? Adding veggies to your diet? Adding 10 minutes of exercise into your day at least three times in a day? Are you getting enough sleep? Are you taking things all in stride? Are you jamming like a rock star?
If not, go check out the last few challenges and join in. These are simple but effective ways to add more wellness into your life.

Today’s challenge, if you choose to accept it is…

Spirit challenge: Clean out your closets.
Pare down and make room for new possibilities. Many of us have closets that are stuffed to the point of almost bursting. We have shoes that we used to wear or shoe candy that we hope to wear someday. We have our skinny jeans and our fat jeans. We have those sale items that we just had to have but that didn’t really work when we got home. We have too much stuff. Too much stuff can be suffocating and constipating. You still can’t find anything to wear because you simply can’t see to the back of that closet and also the energy flow in your life can be stifled, because clutter can impact our creativity. Get rid of some stuff by giving things away to people who really need them and make room for possibility and creative energy.

Body challenge: Find a health buddy, or an accountability partner.

Whether you have been talking about losing 10 pounds for the last few years or you have 100 pounds to lose, the strategy is the same, and the challenges are the same, staying on track. Like a marathon race, sometimes it helps when someone runs alongside you on the sidelines or even in the race as well. It helps to have that support. Someone who will cheer you on when you are doing well and someone who will give you a swift push, when you feel like quitting. Support is an important part of a wellness plan, so find a buddy and make things happen for yourself!

Mind challenge: Tell yourself, you can do it.
That’s all we want you to do. Chant a mantra of possibility. Whenever you are confronted with a difficulty today, tell yourself, “I got it!” “I can do this” “Ain’t nothing but a chicken wing!” (Hey, whatever works!) Just convince yourself that you can get through any situation and overcome any challenge. Today find your inner strength, connect to your spirit and talk yourself into success.

Day 6 of the “Be well” Challenge.

It’s a new day, and you should be feeling good.

Today you have one challenge, which is simple but most of us have trouble doing it.

Your challenge if you choose to accept it is to…

Body, mind and spirit challenge: Rest.

Rest your body by making sure you catch up on needed rest, especially if you are a workaholic. Act like the Latin world and take a siesta. If you exercise daily, then take a rest day, which is what is recommended by fitness experts, the body needs time to recover and replenish.

Rest your mind by not doing any work related activities, instead try some light reading or chill out at the park with your kids. Talk to them about their plans when they grow up. Gist with your spouse, laugh with your friends. Try doing something creative like writing or painting. This uses a different part of the brain entirely.

Rest your spirit by taking some time to meditate. Meditate on scripture if you like or just spend some time reflecting on life and the beauty it offers.

There is no shame in taking time to replenish yourself, because only the living can be overachievers. Rest is an important part of living well. So live well, rest and prosper.

Drink your vegetables

Apple/carrots/cucumber smoothie
Immune system booster!

 1 cup apple juice
 1 cup of sliced apple (sweet tasting apples are better)
 1/2 cup sliced carrots
 1/2 cup of cucumber (peeled and sliced)
 2 cups of ice
 A dash of honey

Blend all the ingredients together and drink immediately.

Bloody Mary
An antioxidant delight!


 2 cups (chopped) tomatoes
 1/2 cup tomato juice
 1/4 cup apple juice
 1/2 cup carrots
 1/4 cup (chopped) celery
 2 cups ice

Blend all the ingredients together and drink immediately.

Carrot Smoothie
Beta carotene delight

 12 ounces of fresh carrot juice
 2 cups of vanilla yogurt
 1/2 of a peeled lime
 3 baby carrots
 8 ice cubes
Directions: Place all of the ingredients into a blender, and mix until smooth.

Be well challenge: It’s day 4, are you in?

It’s Day 4 of our 21 day be well challenge! How are you doing? Have you added more fruits and vegetables to your diet? Did you jam like a rock star? Did you get more shuteye yesterday?
Tell us how you are doing with the challenges, we love to know. The editors at EwellAfrica, have incorporated all the challenges into their lifestyle and they particularly like the rock out like a rockstar challenge! “Somehow it makes the rush hour traffic, go by quicker!”

Your challenge today should you choose to accept it is….

Body challenge: Mix in some exercise into your daily routine. The recommendations for adults is to get at least 150 mins of moderate to vigorous exercise a week. Which can be broken down into 30mins 5 times a day. This can be broken down even further into 3 10 minute increments, 5 times a day. Try exercising for 10 mins an hour before each meal. Take a brisk walk for 10 mins, do jumping jacks, dance around, even squats and lunges count. Just get moving and make it count. Exercise is not just for those trying to lose weight, it is for everyone, especially if you want to live long and healthy lives.

Spirit challenge: Detoxify your life. There are some people and practices we have that add toxicity to our lives. Things like gossip actually are toxic to our spirits and then we also have people and relationships that are toxic. If a relationship leaves you drained, broken and beat down, then it might be toxic. If it leaves you feeling frustrated and impotent then it might be toxic. We are not saying you should curry sycophants, and sometimes good relationships can have conflict but it is constructive conflict, designed to make you better. Make an honest assessment of your behavior and relationships today and think about whether it adds positive energy to you or whether it depletes you of positivity and adds in negativity. And then take some steps to detoxify your life as much as possible.

Today’s challenge requires work. Work on the body and time spent on introspection, but I urge you to complete the challenge, because you know what? You are worth it!

Are you wearing the right shoes to work out?

They have been called everything from sneakers, to canvas. Some people call them training shoes, others call them tennis shoes. Some people use them for fashion or every day wear, others use them to exercise. Whatever you call them, they play a large role in your workout program.

What kind of sneaker should you be wearing?
Before investing in a workout shoe, you should ask yourself, what kind of workout are you going to be doing? Are you going to be playing soccer, biking, running or taking aerobic classes? It is this kind of assessment that will enable you to make a proper determination about what shoe to wear.

EwellAfrica talked to the folks at Nike and they educated us on the process of choosing a shoe.
When looking at a shoe, it is tempting to focus mostly on the aesthetic design, however the appealing stripes and colors have little to do with the effectiveness of a shoe.

Running shoes: Are designed for forward movement and not for lateral movement. When you insist on using a running shoes for aerobics classes where you do a lot of lateral movement then you may find that you are placing yourself at higher risk for injury. Running shoes are for people who are going to do simply that – Run! They have different types of running shoes, really for most people, basic running shoes are fine, but there are many varieties out there, for instance for the tech lovers there are the Nike plus shoes that combine sensor technology and Ipods to track your progress (distance, calories burned etc) You can capture the data and even join the club online and challenge yourself. Check out for info.
There are those people who want to keep things as natural as possible, for some people, they would prefer running barefoot to wearing sneakers. Well guess what? There is a sneaker just for you! It is called the Vibram five finger shoe and the folks at Vibram state that the separation between toes promotes blood circulation and helps you keep your natural gait among other benefits. However I must warn you, if you decide to go this route, expect a few stares because quite frankly it looks a little strange! For more information visit the
Also runners, please be advised that current recommendations dictate that shoes should be replaced about every 350 – 500 miles (560 – 800 km approx) use them longer than that and you increase your risk of injury.

Training or crosstraining shoes: Are designed to be allrounders, these shoes are for the workout that involves a little of everything. If you are someone who likes to take aerobics classes and use gym equipment, then this is the shoe for you.

Shoes with more cushioning may appeal to those who are heavier set as they provide more support. Training shoes can even work for outdoor sports like Tennis. Although tennis enthusiasts may prefer shoes that are more specific to tennis like Wilson tennis shoes.
A general rule for training shoes is to replace every 3 to 4 months with constant use or check the threading to see if it is worn down, some people also use the twist test, if the shoes still is flexible when you twist it, then it is still ok.

Beginning and maintaining a workout program is crucial to overall wellness, however it should be approached with as much information as possible so as not to court injury. So run, dance, do taebo, but do some research and do it in the right shoes!

Grilled tilapia and pineapple

Grilled tilapia and pineapple.

• Tilapia
• 1 cup olive/vegetable oil
• 1 red onion, chopped
• 1 green pepper, chopped
• juice of 1 lemon
• 1 tablespoon vinegar
• 2 teaspoons cayenne pepper (or hot pepper to taste)
• 1 teaspoon salt
• (or bouillon cube – reduce salt if chosen)
Combine all the marinade ingredients, after marinade is fully mixed. Place tilapia in marinade. Marinate fish for 20 minutes, turn about halfway to coat both sides. Take fish out of marinade and grill evenly. Marinade can be boiled down into a sauce in a saucepan. Fish can be served with a sauce.

Grilled Pineapple.
1 large ripe pineapple
3 tablespoons honey
1 tablespoon freshly-squeezed lemon or lime juice

Peel and core and cut pineapple into quarters. In a small bowl, combine honey, lemon or lime juice. Brush the glaze onto each slice of pineapple, coating completely.
Preheat and oil the barbecue grill with olive oil or nonstick cooking spray. Place pineapple wedges on the grill and cook approximately 4 minutes on each side (turning so that grill marks are on all sides) until the pineapple becomes fragrant and starts to dry out on the surface. Make sure not to overcook pineapple otherwise it will become overly soft.

Join the Be Well Challenge! is introducing the “Be well” challenge!

It is the middle of the month, well just about and maybe you have already broken your new year’s resolutions or maybe you didn’t make any at all. Well here at, we want to give you one simple mandate to follow for the year “Be well!”.

Wellness is something that you can achieve through proactively making better and more informed choices about your health. It is about being conscious about your diet, your exercise habits and your mindsets and the state of your spirit.

The Be well challenge is going to help you do that. For the next 21 days, every day, we will post a new challenge that will help you achieve wellness in your mind, body and spirit and if you choose to accept these challenges and incorporate them into your daily lives then by December, you will end out the year, healthier, wealthier and wiser!

If you choose to accept the challenge, post a comment here, announcing your intention. There is something powerful about stating your intention. It is said that the power of life and death lies in the tongue, so speak (in this case write) your intention to follow this challenge and tell others to come on down and join the challenge. And get ready to “Be well” in your life.

Are you ready to accept the challenge? Come on! It’s your life, LIVE IT!

Day 1

Body challenge: Today I pledge to add fruits to my diet.

The Centers for Disease Control states that “Fruits and vegetables contain essential vitamins, minerals, and fiber that may help protect you from chronic diseases. Compared with people who consume a diet with only small amounts of fruits and vegetables, those who eat more generous amounts as part of a healthful diet are likely to have reduced risk of chronic diseases, including stroke and perhaps other cardiovascular diseases, and certain cancers.
What more information do you need? Add some fruit into your diet today, they are delicious anyway, pawpaw, oranges, pineapples? Isn’t your mouth watering already? Take it up a notch, by replacing a snack, like meat pie, or chinchin with a piece of fruit.

Mind challenge: Today I pledge to affirm myself.

As a man thinketh so is he – There is also power in our thoughts. Today choose to affirm yourself by thinking positive thoughts about yourself. No more negative self dialogue. No more beating yourself up about that doughnut you ate and how you wrecked your diet. No more looking at yourself in the mirror and telling yourself you are not beautiful. If you make a mistake, acknowledge it in a positive manner, “I didn’t do so well with that, but I know I can do better!” Tell yourself that you are good and you deserve to be the best you, you can be! Tell yourself you can succeed. Tell yourself, you are a wonderful, beautiful child of God and you know what life is good.

Oya! Who is with us? Who is going to be well?
Don’t dillydally. This does not require prayer to know whether to commit. Leave a comment and join in the challenge. Tell us that you are on board with EwellAfrica’s 21 days to life, “Be well” challenge and let us experience unlimited wellness together.