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Water No Get Enemy ….Peju Adeniran

To improve my health, I started an exercise program a few months ago. Before now, in conjunction with eating healthy, all I did for exercise was to take long, power walks in the evenings at least twice a week.

But as I grow older, it is has become apparent that this is not going to be enough; metabolism slows down the older one gets, and I need more than my usual to maintain my weight and health.

So, I joined a gym and met brutal Chioma, my gym instructor. While I will save my adventures with Chioma for another day, I will talk about working out and water.

More than half of our bodies and our entire planet is made up of water, so Fela knew what he was saying when he sang ‘Water No Get Enemy.”

But many of us are ignorant of the ways in which water can be useful to us aside from just drinking, cooking and washing.

In the spirit of World Water day, let us share some tips on how water can help keep us stay healthy and well in and out of the gym.

  • Water is an excellent detoxifier. Our bodies need water for the huge amount of the chemical processes that go on in our body especially in the digestive system.
  • When it comes to digestion the question is “to drink or not to drink?” Well, it depends. The stomach uses a natural acid, Hydrochloric acid, to digest food. Over-dilution of this acid by drinking too much water WHILE eating could hamper the digestion. But drinking water 30 minutes BEFORE and two hours AFTER eating will help in rinsing out your stomach of food debris and keeping it ready for the next meal.
  • Muscle-building is a useful tool in the gym to tone up the body and increase your metabolism rate. However, when you first start weight-lifting, you will experience minute muscle tears and re-building. Myoglobins (the cellular protein unit in your muscle) will be released into your blood stream for disposal. These proteins, because they are heavy could damage your kidneys, especially if you have some degree of prior kidney damage. So, when body-building ensure to increase your water intake to flush the proteins.
  • Do not limit your imagination to the fact that water is only available in the liquid form and in your glass. Many of the popular fruits and vegetables have a high amount of water, and are more interesting ways to hydrate your body.
  • Water is a great friend of your skin. Drink water and sweat your way to clearer skin by eliminating toxins through your skin pores during your cardio work out. Increase the rate of toxin removal by drinking water.
  • Water is also useful for practical weight loss purposes. If you are doing weight training for instance and have no dumbbells, no problem. Take a look at this; a litre of water is approximately 1kg of weight. Therefore if you are training with 1kg dumbbells, just take a litre container of water, fill it up and you have one kilogram to work with. You want two kilograms, use two litres etc. Note that different liquids have unique weights and this only holds for water.
  • Water your hair and nails from the inside! Challenge your hair to grow by drinking 8 cups or 2 litres daily, and watch your hair and nails sprout like plants!
  • Water is the first medication with most domestic accidents. Chemical splashes on/in the skin, eyes, ears and nose? Flush vigorously with water, then rush to hospital. Same with accidental ingestion of MOST poisons
  • Water is recommended in copious amounts for all people, except for those that are suffering from certain chronic kidney ailments. Everyone else should keep drinking up!

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