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Oya! Get challenged!

It’s yet another day of challenging yourself. Isn’t this fun? Ok, maybe it hasn’t all been fun, but it’s been life affirming right?

Your challenge today if you choose to accept it is…

Spirit Challenge: Deal with disappointment.
Sometimes in life, we have expectations that are not met. Issues that are not addressed in a way that we would want. Sometimes people don’t act the way we would want them to. It is a challenge sometimes to deal with it. There are some things that we allow to derail us. One problem has us losing focus on the rest of our lives. Today’s challenge is to deal disappointment by acknowledging it, mourning the possibility and moving on to a new and exciting phase of life. Learn how to shrug your shoulders and let it roll off your back. Decide today not to get derailed by things that don’t go right! Let it go, don’t let what could have been,dampen your spirits. Don’t let today’s no, take your focus off tomorrow’s yes!

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