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Challenge yourself!

It’s Day16, just five days more to go…Have you been challenging yourself to live in a healthier way? It’s not too late, just read all the challenges and start adding them into your lifestyle. Keep a journal and take note of how each change impacts your life…We’d love to hear about it!

Today’s challenge if you choose to accept it is…

Mind challenge: Take control of your thoughts.
You may not be able to stop random negative thoughts from popping into your head, but you can control them by choosing to keep them by dwelling on them or getting rid of them by refusing to give it audience. Sometimes we have thoughts of the worst things that could happen, or we start to dwell on painful memories and even create terrible scenarios in our head. When we dwell on these things, we give them energy and start to feed them. Sometimes we can focus on them so hard that it actually starts to change our behavior and causes us to manifest our worst fears. Today, choose to focus on things that are positive and push out every negative thought. It’s your mind, you have complete control over it.

Body challenge: Eat!
Many of us in a bid to stay slim or skinny don’t eat and in the long run, this can be damaging to our bodies and it can even slow our metabolism. It is smart to watch what and how much we eat, but embarking on a starvation diet will starve your body of the nutrients it needs to function properly, making one more prone to illness and disease. First, set your daily caloric intake at around 12 calories per pound or 25 calories per kilo of your current weight. So for a woman who is about 50 kilos her daily caloric intake should be around 1250 calories. You don’t have to live to eat, but please eat to live!

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