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Dear diary…What did I eat?

So many people say, I hardly eat but I still gain weight, I think it’s just my body type, it just gains weight on its own.
Studies have shown that most people think they eat less than they do. When asked to list what they had eaten that day, most people left out close to a significant portion of their total daily caloric intake unintentionally.

Dietitians and health professionals agree that a food diary can help you keep better track of your eating and as such can help you lose weight because you know exactly what you put in your body at any given time.

A study published in the American journal of preventive medicine showed that participants who kept a food diary or journal lost twice as much weight as those who didn’t.

A food diary doesn’t have to be sophisticated, a small notebook will do, it just helps you get information about your eating habits. It helps you figure out what exactly is sabotaging your weight loss efforts. Those two bags on plantain chips? That meatpie and then the donut that you forgot about? Everything adds up.

Furthermore you can make it a food and exercise journal and really get going.

So write it down and keep it real!
Be well and be healthy!

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