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Day 6 of the “Be well” Challenge.

It’s a new day, and you should be feeling good.

Today you have one challenge, which is simple but most of us have trouble doing it.

Your challenge if you choose to accept it is to…

Body, mind and spirit challenge: Rest.

Rest your body by making sure you catch up on needed rest, especially if you are a workaholic. Act like the Latin world and take a siesta. If you exercise daily, then take a rest day, which is what is recommended by fitness experts, the body needs time to recover and replenish.

Rest your mind by not doing any work related activities, instead try some light reading or chill out at the park with your kids. Talk to them about their plans when they grow up. Gist with your spouse, laugh with your friends. Try doing something creative like writing or painting. This uses a different part of the brain entirely.

Rest your spirit by taking some time to meditate. Meditate on scripture if you like or just spend some time reflecting on life and the beauty it offers.

There is no shame in taking time to replenish yourself, because only the living can be overachievers. Rest is an important part of living well. So live well, rest and prosper.

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