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Day 5 – Your challenge!

It is day 5! Are you ready for a new challenge? Have you been incorporating the last few challenges into your life? Today is a new day and a new opportunity to transform your life! Join the challenge today and let wellness into your life.

Today’s challenge if you choose to accept is…

Mind Challenge: Take it all in stride. Heaven knows there are so many stressors in our daily lives, from traffic to money to family drama. It can be a struggle not to lose your cool. Granted there are some situations in which it cannot be helped, and in fact some people maintain that on occasion, releasing some steam from a boiling kettle can be beneficial. However there are those people that live their lives in a state of constant stress. If you are one of those people that shouts from morning to night, and everything is a major issue, please be advised that high stress levels are large contributing factors to the onset of many disease states and they are very damaging to our bodies.
So today, your challenge is to take it all in stride. Relax, relate, release!

Spirit challenge: Wish someone well. Put some positive energy back into the universe. There are enough people out there who chant, “e no go betta for you” why not be someone who chants “I wish you well!” and change the balance from evil to good. Contemplate someone in your mind and think about their lives and wish for good things to happen in their lives. If you are religious, pray for them and only for them. Don’t pray for them to prosper so that they in turn can bless you, just be completely altruistic and wish someone, anyone, the best that life has to offer.

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