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Join the Be well challenge today!

It’s Day 3, and you still have time to get on board if you haven’t already. It’s your life, no one can live it but you, so join our be well challenge and make wellness a focus in your life.

Your challenge today if you choose to accept it.

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Spirit Challenge: Smile at everyone, even complete strangers. Yes a few people may look at you funny, but we are willing to bet that many people will smile back. Studies have shown that smiling can impact your emotions, even if you are sad as you begin to smile, because smiling is typically contagious as people start to smile back, endorphins can be released and that creates a good feeling. Also smiling makes you appear more beautiful and some studies suggest that a sincere smile makes you seem more trustworthy and that tends to make you successful in negotiations. So smile already and be happy, beautiful and successful!

Body challenge: Get some sleep. Sleep is a crucial element to being well. Many of us overachievers go to bed late and wake up early. Over time that sleep deficit will affect your body in various ways. Too little sleep can elevate stress, encourage weight gain, make you look older over time and so much more. Experts say to aim for 7 – 8 hours a night and develop sleep routines, especially if you have trouble sleeping and stop things like watching TV in bed and blackberrying or using your laptop right before sleep in bed because that can lead to an interrupted sleep cycle. Sleep is the body’s opportunity to replenish and renew itself, don’t deprive yourself of this. Turn off the phones and get some sleep people!

So who’s getting with today’s challenge? Announce your intention on our comments board and smile your blues away and sleep like a baby. These are easy challenges guys…watch out, we might soon have you breaking a sweat, so get on board and change your life!

Be well.

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