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Healthful eating with Dr Lara Adejumo

Dr Lara Adejumo drops by ewell radio to discuss eating healthy versions of our traditional food. Dr Lara is a medical doctor practicing family medicine in Clinton, MD. Her book is called Healthful eating for the African and it is filled with tips and advice for transforming our diet so as to avoid diabetes, cardiac disease, cancer and more. Click on the play button to hear more from Dr Lara. Her book can be ordered from her website

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It’s almost over!

It’s day 14 of the challenge and you have just one more week to go. How have you been doing? If you have been incorporating these challenges into your lifestyle, you should be feeling stronger, happier and healthier. The challenge is for you. It’s your life, and we want you to really live it!

Your challenge today if you choose to accept it is…

Mind challenge: Get your mind right!
Is your money funny? Some of us have a toxic relationship with money, it defines us and so when we have money we spend it on things that we think announce to the world that we have arrived. However, that same attitude and behavior can place undue stress on us, because spenders tend not to be savers and as a result can get into a financial bind easily. Finances can wreak havoc on your body because it can be a major stressor. Money issues have been known to cause depression, damage relationships, raise blood pressure even cause sexual dysfunction. So your challenge today is to revamp your relationship with money. Money is a resource that is meant to serve you. Whether you have a lot or a little should and can not define you. You are you whether you dress yourself in designer gear or rock outfits from the bend down boutique, you have to be sure in yourself stripped down to the bare essentials. Take some time to put your money in its place. If that means paring down and creating a budget, then do that, if it means giving stuff away and creating an investment plan, call a financial advisor, and if it means doing some more hustling to create more resources, get busy dears!

Body challenge: Listen to your body.
We tell potty training children to learn to listen to the cues their bodies are telling them, so they can master the toilet issues. Well we adults need to learn to listen to our bodies. We need to identify when we have constant pains in our bodies and slow down or treat accordingly. If something doesn’t feel right and has persisted, then see a doctor and get it checked out. We tend to ignore the signals our bodies send and then end up with significant health issues because we waited too long. So today, resolve to put out the fire on the mountain before it burns all the way down to the valley.

Be well! Join the challenge today.

It’s Day 13 and we are almost done with our 21 day challenge, it’s been enlightening and empowering!

Today your challenge is to…

Mind challenge: Take stock.
Spend some time in introspection.Take stock of your life. What have you been able to accomplish, what areas do you need to improve. What are your strengths and what are your areas of growth opportunities? Take stock of what’s on the inside helps you gain a better understanding of who you are, it also helps you develop wisdom and life skills. If it is helpful, write down your thoughts as you reflect.

Body challenge: Take your vitamins.
We don’t always get all our vitamins and minerals from our diet, sometimes despite our best efforts, but we can take nutritional supplements to counter that. However in order for it to work, we have to remember to take our vitamins every day. So today, after conferring with your doctor, add some nutritional supplements to you daily routine.

It’s the 12th day of the Be well challenge!

It’s day 12, how are you feeling? Here at EwellAfrica, we hope you are feeling fabulous, because you deserve to!

Your challenge today if you choose to accept it is…

Spirit challenge: Be grateful.
Count your blessings, literally one by one. Sometimes in life, we get so focused on what we don’t have that we get depressed and frustrated. Today we want you to concentrate on what you do have and revel in its beauty. From the simple to the sophisticated, there are so many things we all have to be grateful for. Take some time and write down all the things you are grateful for and count your blessings indeed.

Mind challenge: Write a mission statement.
Write a mission statement for your life. Write down your vision for your life, where you see yourself in 5, 10 even 20 years. Write down an action plan of how you plan to accomplish your vision. Once you have done this, know that you are one step closer to living the life that you have dreamed about.

Halfway point! Join the be well challenge today!

Day 11…and counting. Ten more days to the end of the 21 day be well challenge!
Have you been taking advantage of these challenges to transform your life? Have you added in more color to your life by adding veggies and fruits into your diet? Have you been exercising? Have you been laughing and jamming like a rockstar? If not, it’s not too late!
Get on board and live your life to the fullest…Be well and prosper!

Day 11 challenge if you choose to accept it is..

Spirit challenge: Mending fences.
Is there someone or are the people in your life that you have a rift with and you know you really need to mend that or those relationships. Relationships that may have degraded over things you did or they did. Maybe you need to forgive, or maybe you need to ask for forgiveness. Either way, today is the day.
Studies have shown that unforgiveness and resentment can contribute to heart disease. Subjects with issues about forgiving where shown to have higher blood pressure, increased heart rates and higher stress levels overall. So forgive someone already, repair broken relationships and live and be happy!

Mind challenge: Quality street
And we are not talking about that box of assorted chocolates! Today we want you to walk down quality street with your loved ones. Spend some quality time with them. Get home early and engage your wife and kids in a game of scrabble, or just take a casual stroll with your hubby this evening. Get your kids to tell you about the best part of their day and you share yours with them. Social connections are vital to good health and the emotional bond between loved ones should be strengthened as often as possible. Small but mighty steps to your overall good health and wellbeing!

Dear diary…What did I eat?

So many people say, I hardly eat but I still gain weight, I think it’s just my body type, it just gains weight on its own.
Studies have shown that most people think they eat less than they do. When asked to list what they had eaten that day, most people left out close to a significant portion of their total daily caloric intake unintentionally.

Dietitians and health professionals agree that a food diary can help you keep better track of your eating and as such can help you lose weight because you know exactly what you put in your body at any given time.

A study published in the American journal of preventive medicine showed that participants who kept a food diary or journal lost twice as much weight as those who didn’t.

A food diary doesn’t have to be sophisticated, a small notebook will do, it just helps you get information about your eating habits. It helps you figure out what exactly is sabotaging your weight loss efforts. Those two bags on plantain chips? That meatpie and then the donut that you forgot about? Everything adds up.

Furthermore you can make it a food and exercise journal and really get going.

So write it down and keep it real!
Be well and be healthy!

Get your body back!

Picture credit Corbis images

We talked to Ada Chijoke, a real life African woman like each one of you and she shared with us her personal journey of how she lost 45lbs (about 20 kilos) and went from being a big girl to a size six spin instructor/fitness expert. She teaches spin classes four times a week and is in fantastic shape! We get real, tell the truth and give practical advice on this show so listen to the interview and get inspired, encouraged and informed, so you too can make it happen in your own life! Click on the arrow button on the blogtalkradio icon to listen!

Listen to internet radio with Ekene Onu on Blog Talk Radio

Join us next week, when we talk to Dr Lara Adejumo, MD, about her new book, healthy eating for the African. Stay tuned to ewell conversations because we have a lot more coming down the pipeline!

Be well challenge, day 10 and counting!

It’s the 10th day of the challenge and your true love is saying to you…Get with the program! Your true love is really you! It’s the best you that is waiting deep inside of you. The healthiest, most positive version of yourself. It’s right here waiting for you. You just have to do the work to reveal it.

Your challenge today if you choose to accept it is…

Body challenge: Work that body!
No excuses, no tory! If you refuse to work your body then the time will come when it won’t work for you. Do something to get your heart pumping today. Run, walk, dance, do jumping jacks, you can even do a staircase circuit, just run up and down the stairs for at least thirty minutes. Thirty minutes of vigorous exercise and add in some strength training. Try doing a plank. Try doing some push ups. Do some exercises to work your core!

Spirit challenge: Choose to do right.
We are all faced with choices everyday. Some of us having been making choices that are hurtful to others. Some of us have chosen to lie and sneak around. Some of us have chosen to cut some people out of a deal because of greed. Some of us are messing with the diabolical because we are so focused on getting what we want.
So today, our challenge is simply this. Do the right thing. We all know right from wrong. We all know when what we are doing is questionable. Integrity is actually good for you. Have you ever been caught in a lie or told a lie and you find that your heart is racing for fear of being caught? Or you live in constant anxiety that something you did will come back to haunt you? This kind of stress is bad for your body, it can lead to a system breakdown. So today, choose to do right and be good to yourself.

Yemisi says…The fast and the furious!

The Fast and the Furious

This is Lagos!

Where everything runs at the speed of light; “fast fast”, “sharp sharp” and “now now” are everyday lingo, and everyone seems to be rushing somewhere.

Impatience levels here are extremely high and everyday interactions can trigger fistfights and intense arguments. Queuing at a petrol station or being stuck in one of our legendary traffic jams can become an exercise in creative and highly colourful verbal and physical abuse, as everyone tries to get ahead unfairly and unjustly, possessed by a spirit of one-upmanship that makes cars maliciously speed up to cut you off when you indicate to move into their lane. After all, don’t you know my time and my destination are much more important than yours? Who do you think you are??? Do you know who I am???

I’ve always wondered what makes us so angry and crazy in this amazing and complex town that’s been described as “New York on crack.” The land of fast talk, fast money, fast cars, fast women and faster deals. My mom used to blame it on the heat, and the amount of pepper we consume. Well, that’s one theory. I think its because Lagosians have forgotten where we came from. No-one knows how to just be anymore. We are so caught up with “life” that we’ve forgotten how to really live…

The microwave lifestyle is a sign of the times. Once upon a time Africans used to pride ourselves on having some incontrovertible values:

Being our brother’s keeper…
Believing it takes a village to raise a child…
Looking out for each other…

Granted, it has not all been songs and roses, but all in all we’ve been thought to have more of a sense of community and caring than that which exists in the western world, where your eighty year old next door neighbour can be found dead in her flat after three weeks, but only after someone complained about the smell coming from her house and commented on the collection of full milk bottles on her doorstep.

But we have now become followers of the “Cult of Me,” which advocates getting ahead at all costs, pushing and elbowing people out of the way. Using others as a stepping stone to climb the ladder; being concerned only about “my” time, “my” work “my” bills, “my” family, “my” things; striving to have more of “all”, if there is any such thing, and faster than ever, employing anger, aggression and disrespect to get it.

We want it now, don’t waste our time.

Having an alternative view or hankering for the old order of things may make one seem radical at best, or just plain stupid. A Johnny Just Come. A “mumu,” whose “eye never open.”

I live in the middle of the chaos of this awesome, frenzied city. But I aim to learn to stop and really see people and things instead of just glancing at them; to learn to be content, and not accumulate empty things harder!better!faster!more!!!; to really feel things instead of just hopping from one experience to the next in the search of the next big thrill…

I want to slow down, so I can intensify my experience of the beauty of life amidst the chaos of Lagos living…

I want to be in the eye of the storm. Could use some company…


Challenge Day 9! Add Color into your life!

It’s Day 9! How are you? Did you rise and shine this morning? Are you ready for your challenge today? In case you missed it, all you have to do to join the challenge is decide to do so and tell others about it. You can do that by commenting here, or even announcing that you are joining today’s challenge on your facebook or twitter status updates. We are asking you to announce so you can harness the power of intention, when you declare your intent, something shifts in your spirit and it becomes easier to live up to the declaration.

So today’s challenge is….

Body challenge: Add some color to your life!
Is your diet monochromatic? Varying shades of beige and brown? For example, bread in the morning, rice in the afternoon and pounded yam in the evening. Sure the accompanying sauces have some color, but really, they tend to be varying shades of red or orange, between stew and some palmoil based soup.
Today we want you to switch things up. Switch out some fruit for the bread in the morning, try a vibrant mango or yellow pineapple or some paw paw/papaya, have it with an egg white omelet and really give your breakfast some punch. Instead of rice, try some sweet potatoes and instead of fufu, try some eggplant, or maybe make a vegetable stir fry and serve with your favorite protein. You don’t have to substitute every thing all at once, but try it and you will see that not only will it help in weight maintenance or loss, because most of the white food is bad for you, but foods with rich colors are often chock full of antioxidants and nutrients, plus variety is the spice of life.

Mind challenge: Exercise your brain.

Going to work everyday is not enough to keep your brain as healthy and sharp as possible. Just like our bodies, our brains need challenges to keep it as healthy as possible and unfortunately watching reality tv or soap operas is not enough stimulation. It is believed that by exercising your brain you can create a reserve of synapses to draw from as you age, helping to stave off senility and age related dementia.
So today, pledge to exercise your brain. How do you do that? Try to learn something new as often as possible. Take a language class, or learn a new hobby, like learing how to paint or take photographs, enroll in a class, or even learn to play the piano, its never too late! Do games like crossword puzzles, sudoku or chess. Read as often as you can, but not just books that are in your comfort zone, try reading some serious literature.

Happy trails to you!