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Emzor Wellness Club

Emzor wellness club is a platform established in schools to reach out and interact with our future leaders in fulfillment of our promise to deliver unlimited wellness and give the children an enhanced educational experience.


This club started 28th November, 2008, with an objective of creating an interface for the company to positively impact on the lives of children, the future leaders .This structure was established in schools to;

* Encourage mass de-worming in schools as a means of improving intellectual capability and wellness in children.
* Create a platform to introduce the children to the Emzor brand at an early age and make ambassadors of Emzor out of them.
* Encourage social activities as part of wellness

The club is positioned as a:

* Wellness/Health club (Enlighten and encourage the concept of total wellness from the cradle)
* An educative Club(Improve intellectual ability)
* Social club(Encourage social activities as an element of total health and wellness)


* De-Worming Exercise in 25 schools (1600 pupils) in Lagos state
* Children’s Day celebrations in collaboration with Little Saint Orphanage in 2009
* Excursion to Emzor facilities.
* Independence Day celebration in 2009
* Donation of first boxes and display boards to Schools.
* Donation of Drugs to Schools and writing materials like exercise books, pens, colouring sets.
* Emzor Wellness Club word Challenge in Schools.
* Donation of magic boards to 25 schools.
* Donation of mini computers to Emzor wellness club members.
* Donation of desk computers to schools.
* Donation of bicyles to winner of the Grand Finale Quiz competition.Donation of Dictionaries to members of the club.
* Donation of Printers and Scanners to schools.
* Donation of School bags to all members of the club.

The plan for Q1 has been executed; a quiz competition was organized in schools. The objective for organizing this competition is to test intellect and develop a reading culture in them.

Series of competitions were held in zones. Winners from these zones represented their areas at the final. The grand finale of the 2010 quiz competition was held at St. Monica Nursery and Primary School on the 16thof March, 2010 at Ire-Akari estate, Isolo.

Winner of the first quiz competition organized by Emzor Wellness Club was First foundation Schools, Ago, Lagos, Kuyoro Memorial Schools, Ijesha was the First runner School and Comrade Nursery and Primary School, Oke -Afa came third.

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