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Emzor Wellness Club

Emzor wellness club is a platform established in schools to reach out and interact with our future leaders in fulfillment of our promise to deliver unlimited wellness and give the children an enhanced educational experience.


This club started 28th November, 2008, with an objective of creating an interface for the company to positively impact on the lives of children, the future leaders .This structure was established in schools to;

* Encourage mass de-worming in schools as a means of improving intellectual capability and wellness in children.
* Create a platform to introduce the children to the Emzor brand at an early age and make ambassadors of Emzor out of them.
* Encourage social activities as part of wellness

The club is positioned as a:

* Wellness/Health club (Enlighten and encourage the concept of total wellness from the cradle)
* An educative Club(Improve intellectual ability)
* Social club(Encourage social activities as an element of total health and wellness)


* De-Worming Exercise in 25 schools (1600 pupils) in Lagos state
* Children’s Day celebrations in collaboration with Little Saint Orphanage in 2009
* Excursion to Emzor facilities.
* Independence Day celebration in 2009
* Donation of first boxes and display boards to Schools.
* Donation of Drugs to Schools and writing materials like exercise books, pens, colouring sets.
* Emzor Wellness Club word Challenge in Schools.
* Donation of magic boards to 25 schools.
* Donation of mini computers to Emzor wellness club members.
* Donation of desk computers to schools.
* Donation of bicyles to winner of the Grand Finale Quiz competition.Donation of Dictionaries to members of the club.
* Donation of Printers and Scanners to schools.
* Donation of School bags to all members of the club.

The plan for Q1 has been executed; a quiz competition was organized in schools. The objective for organizing this competition is to test intellect and develop a reading culture in them.

Series of competitions were held in zones. Winners from these zones represented their areas at the final. The grand finale of the 2010 quiz competition was held at St. Monica Nursery and Primary School on the 16thof March, 2010 at Ire-Akari estate, Isolo.

Winner of the first quiz competition organized by Emzor Wellness Club was First foundation Schools, Ago, Lagos, Kuyoro Memorial Schools, Ijesha was the First runner School and Comrade Nursery and Primary School, Oke -Afa came third.

Get your life on track!

Most people have wonderful goals for their health; Lose weight, manage stress, exercise more are examples of such goals. However most people don’t reach their goals in a timely fashion and so the question is why?

Wellness coaches often ask people to take note of their lifestyle, by keeping diet and exercise diaries and more.

This is because when you are trying to change your life, you need to focus less on perception and more on reality.

For example a woman who is trying to lose weight may indeed adjust her eating somewhat, she may start skipping meals, perhaps she skips breakfast and lunch but snacks on plantain chips and groundnut and other things throughout the day. At the end of a month, she is surprised to see that not only has she not lost any weight, she may in fact have gained an additional kilo or two. This is shocking to her because according to her perception, she only ate dinner and so she should have been losing weight, however the reality is that her caloric intake actually increased because of all the snacking that she didn’t take into account.

Keeping track of emotional triggers can also be very beneficial. People who are managing hypertension for example should be conscious of what sets off their stress responses and avoid those things. However if you ask some people if they are stressed, they will say not really however in reality, they are shouting in anger more than fifty percent of the day and eliciting a physiologic response as a result.

This is why we need to keep track! Unfortunately keep track can be tedious and time consuming. Imagine having to carry around a notebook to write down every thing you eat, do or feel and then when you do that you still have to take the time to figure out what it all means. Well we have found some tools to make it easier and to take the guesswork out of the process.

There are some wonderful trackers that can be found online and some are even free. EwellAfrica has identified two that are quite remarkable. is a great tracker for those who have weight loss goals. It allows you to track your diet effectively even when you eat out, because it has an extensive database of the calorie contents of a lot of foods. Also you can track your exercise and it even has suggested exercise programs for you and a suggested weight loss strategy. You can join fitness groups so you can get motivational partners to be your cheerleaders and keep you accountable. Best of all you can track your progress so you can remain encouraged to stay focused on your goals.

Another favorite is It takes it one step further by analyzing the information you plug into it to help you maximize your health outcomes. You can even track your mood, stress levels, medication compliance, energy levels, even your sexual routine. All these trackers can help you figure out what are the positives in your life versus the negatives. For example if you notice that whenever you have fufu for lunch, one hour later you are feeling sluggish and lethargic, versus the days when you have chicken and vegetables then you know what changes to make to make your days more productive. If you notice that when you get amorous with your wife first thing in the morning, you are in a good mood all day then you are empowered to create a more satisfying life. Perhaps you are trying for a baby, it can track your ovulation calendar and even give you baby booty rings, alerting you to your most fertile periods on cue.

These are two of our favorite life trackers online and we highly recommend them and best of all they can be utilized for free, so please check them out. These trackers even have apps that can be downloaded into your smart phones to make for easier tracking.
Live well and prosper!