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Wellocrat for Life

Wellocrat for Life

Emzor is committed to taking maximum wellness, that is also affordable, to every nook and cranny of Nigeria and beyond. Therefore, when Maxwell shows up in your neighbourhood, you can be sure that he has brought maximum wellness.”



A healthy nation is a wealthy nation. This is our gift to our people, our nation and our world. With Wellocracy, we can extend unlimited wellness to everyone all over Nigeria and indeed Africa. This way, when the people are well, they are in the best of shapes to nurture democracy.”

Emzor unveils Maxwell -the Wellocrat

Emzor unveils Maxwell -the Wellocrat

Emzor has unveiled her new Brand Ambassador and Mascot, which is an animated personality named MAXWELL. MAXWELL as the name implies, is an acronym for “Maximum Wellness”.

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