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Emzor Wellness Club

The Emzor Wellness Club was established to enable the Emzor brand reach out and interact with future leaders in fulfillment of the company’s promise to deliver unlimited wellness and give Children an enhanced educational experience. The Club amongst other things aims at; Introducing the children to the Emzor brand thereby creating brand recognition at an early age. Creating and reinforcing the brand visibility in schools, which serve as the nurturing ground of future leaders. Encouraging mass de-worming exercises in schools as a means of improving the intellectual capacity and promoting the wellness of our future leaders. Creating and promoting brand awareness as well as...

Emzor Wellness Foundation

At Emzor we see a future of unlimited wellness made possible with our ever increasing range of high quality products and a solid commitment to our brand promise of bringing you unlimited wellness wherever you are. In our continuous desire to touch lives and make a difference, our humanitarian programs are now promoted under our new corporate social responsibility platform – The Emzor Wellness Foundation. The Foundation will continue to open new frontiers, and reach out to more people with the helping hand that brings wellness


“A healthy nation is a wealthy nation. This is our gift to our people, our nation and our world. With Wellocracy, we can extend unlimited wellness to everyone all over Nigeria and indeed Africa. This way, when the people are well, they are in the best of shapes to nurture democracy.”

A Trusted name in every household

“The game of football emphasises wellness and is loved with passion by all Nigerians. In much the same way, Emzor Pharmaceuticals has been trusted and tested by the young and old for decades and as a company, we place a huge premium on maximum wellness.”

Wellocrat for Live

"Emzor is committed to taking maximum wellness, that is also affordable, to every nookand cranny of Nigeria and beyond. Therefore, when Maxwell shows up in yourneighbourhood, you can be sure that he has brought maximum wellness.”

Maxwell-the Wellocrat

“Our philosophy of wellocracy is hinged on our unyielding belief in seeing an idealworld, in which there is wellness for everybody, at an affordable price.Therefore, Maxwell, our brand icon, all of us at Emzor and those who use ourproducts, are Wellocrats.” Maxwell, the Wellocrat, therefore, has the onerous task of taking Emzor’smessage of maximum wellness for all, at an affordable price, far and wide, inthe coming days

We greatly value your business relationship

Thanks for giving us the opportunity to serve you. We greatly value your business relationship. We look forward to meeting you again.Warm Christmas Holiday wishes.

We value our relationship with you

As the holiday season is here, we find ourselves reflecting on the past year and on those who have helped us shape our business. We value our relationship with you and look forward to working with you in the New Year.

With Deep Satisfaction

A satisfied customer gives us deep satisfaction.Our team wishes you a merry Christmas season in friendship and good health.

Thanks for Your Goodwill & Loyalty

We all wish you a happy holiday season. Our sincere thanks for your goodwill and loyalty throughout the past year. We look forward to meeting you next year.

Truly Grateful

We are truly grateful For your trust in our company. We’d like to do business with you for many years to come.Have a wonderful christmas holiday.

Great Relationship

Christmas time makes us grateful for our relationship with you throughout the year, We wish you great happiness in a spirit of Good health and hope

Unlimited Wellness

Best wishes for Peace and Joy this Holiday Season And a New Year of Unlimited Wellness, Happiness and Prosperity

Coming Soon...Emzor Oncology

A new range of cancer treatment options are soon to debut under Emzor Oncology. These products represent cutting edge solutions and bring some of the latest remedies within the reach of our millions of customers across Africa.    READ MORE

wellocracy logo transparentWellocracy Unveiled

Emzor has now formally unveiled Wellocracy. READ MORE